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Welcome to Our Jubilee Family!

Parents, students, and community members, it is with great pleasure that I will begin my third year as the Principal of Jubilee San Antonio. Our administrative team, and every staff members, we will work hard to continue to develop a positive culture which will believe in creating the most enriching, safe learning environment for all our students, staff members, parents and the community. 
We believe the future of our campus is very bright and it will all be due to our commitment to work together in order to provide the best possible education to our children. Our campus will be committed to developing our students, and staff members, academically and socially. Our goal is to strive to master the 7 Habits which will allow all of us to develop our leadership qualities. Events and ceremonies will be led by student leaders to help them sharpen their leadership skills.
We had tremendous success since we began to work together, and we are quite certain we will reach the beginning of academic excellence by year's end. Welcome to our Jubilee Family! Feel free to recommend our school to your loved ones. We are a school dedicated to the pursue of excellence in every aspect!