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We strongly believe in our vision and mission statements. These statements exemplify our approach to our diverse resources we use to teach our state curriculum, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). At our school we take great pride in providing all the necessary educational resources to help meet the educational needs of our diverse learners. Our campus has curriculum to meet the needs of our general population, as well as our special populations. We have gifted and talented curriculum to meet the needs of the students' multiple inteligences. We also have programs for students interested in math and science through our STEM endorsements in math and science. Student also have the privilege of joining our robotics clubs at the elementary, middle and high school. Our school also provides dual credit enrollment course for students beginning in 9th grade. We have had students graduate with 32 college credit hours from our high school at no cost to the families.
In addition to math and science, we have excellent curriculum and staff, for athletics and the fine arts. We have state of the art athletic facilities to provide excellent physical education lessons at the hands of coaches who hold degrees in kinesiology. Our gym has exciting and advanced lessons for your children to develop physically in accordance with the state curriculum. It's not surprising that our teams compete at very high levels K-12. Our art teachers are artists in their own rights. Our hallways are vibrant with the art pieces our students produce on a weekly basis. We invite you to take a tour to enjoy the excellence in athletics and art.
Our school has taken great strides in providing a wholistic approach to educating every child. We provide state adopted educational resources at a minimum for all content areas. In addition to these resources, we invest by acquiring digital educational licenses to educate students using current technology and software. Our campus is well under way to having a one to one electronic device to student ratio. Our secondary has two brand new apple computer labs. Teachers have up to date technology to educate students as well. Our high school students have a program to help them study for the ACT, SAT and TSI assessments. We also purchase supplemental materials such as workbooks to ensure all students have the necessary resources to succeed every year.
We have a character development program which is used by top leaders world wide. Our character development program is the Leader in Me. Our school has embarked on this journey to ensure we help foster and develop the leadership qualities we know all student posses. It's our responsibility to model the 7 Habits for our students in order for them to grow into very successful people.
We would love for your children to join our school! Please email me at to find out more and to arrange a campus tour today!

Vision: A community of learners who become leaders through creativity, exploration, and collaboration in a safe environment.


Mission: Jubilee San Antonio provides a safe environment which encourages, educates, and empowers life long learners to become leaders.