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Tardy Students
Students arriving after the start of the school day must report to the office and be signed in by the person bringing them to school. The student will need a pass from the office to go to class.

Absence From School
Good attendance is crucial to a student’s education and is recognized by the school. Students who have been absent from school must call the school or leave a message stating the reason for the absence. Excused absences are usually made for sickness, doctor and dental appointments.

When your student is not able to attend school, it is important that you call 201-333-6227 to report your student absent. Written excuses will be accepted; we prefer the excuses to be written in ink, signed, and dated. Extended or frequent illness may require a doctor’s excuse.

If a call to excuse an absence is not received, the school will attempt to contact a parent at home or at work during the school day.

Students who are absent without an excuse will be recorded as truant. Excessive absences are detrimental to a student’s education and will be investigated.

Excusing a Student During the School Day
Upon verification of identity, the school will accept a phone call, a note from home, or the parent coming in to excuse a student to leave before the school day is over. In all cases, the person picking up the child must sign the student out of the office.

If we are unsure of who is signing the student out, it is our policy to ask the adult and/or student to verify their relationship. This may include asking for photo I.D., requesting specific identity information about the child, asking the child to tell the school who the adult is, etc. All students must be picked up from the front office. Students may not be picked up from their classroom.

School Closures
Early dismissal or school closings due to storms or other emergencies will be announced via local news stations. We will also announce school closures on our home page.