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Diana Schmick » Get to know a little About Me!

Get to know a little About Me!

HELLO! This is Mrs. Diana D. Schmick
I have been with Jubilee Academies since Jan 2001
I am a paraprofessional!
First I Love my Job! I have had the honor to work with many different, people, children, Families, Staff and Admin through out The Beginning of this Journey until the end?. (Destined time unknown)
I have had the Privilege and Honor to work with all children in different levels, areas and grades, to help them reach their Goals and Dreams.
I have seen the success of many students walk down the Graduation isle, go to college ,Universities, businesses, work society and or families of their own. 
I have Gained many memories, Good,Happy, and sad all worth going through and have learned so, much and still learning.
I am still working on my credentials and moving forward, to reach my Goals and Dreams. 
I Believe everyone is Destined to Do Great things, Go To Great Places, Meet Great People, Accomplish Many Great Goals and Dreams! 
HaveAGreatGodSpeedLife! 24/8