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Secondary Regional Science Fair- Grades 6-12

We had contestants from Jubilee San Antonio, Jubilee Highland Hills, and Jubilee HPGT.
Highschool Winners
1st place Nayab Nobahar Jubilee San Antonio
2nd place Marc Jackson Jubilee San Antonio
3rd place Aaron Gonzales Jubilee San Antonio
8th Grade Winners
1st place Yesenia Hernandez HPGT
2nd place Cirila Pettit HPGT
3rd place David Laurel Highland Hills
7th Grade
1st place Ethelea Caldwell HPGT
2nd place Nalaniya Wilson HPGT
3rd place Jayna Valdez HPGT
6th Grade
1st place Bella Anderson Highland Hills
2nd place Penelope McKinnon HPGT
3rd place Kialen Lopez HPGT
Congratulations to all!!!!