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About Athlos

Quick: what’s the most important thing you remember from school? (We’re betting you didn’t say the Pythagorean theorem.) School, after all, is a time and place for many lessons: how to work hard, how to get along with others, how to achieve. And yet most people equate school only with academics.

That’s about to change.

Athlos is a unique public school model that prepares kids for a competitive future in three essential ways: Academics + Athletics + Character. We take outstanding instructors, proven teaching methods and add innovative coaching in areas proven to help children learn. In fact, the principles and skills taught at Athlos are a better indicator for lifelong success than GPA alone.

The Athlos Curriculum embraces challenging academics alongside lessons about “Performance Character.” And since study after study links physical activity with academic achievement, Athlos integrates a planned, age-appropriate fitness program—with a technology and phys-ed minded facility that allows our philosophy to be put into practice.